Intermittent Fasting: Easiest Way to Lose Weight

There are literally billions of dollars being spent every year on weight loss and diet books. I was one of those constantly looking for new ways to lose weight and have tried dozens of popular weight loss solutions. There are many produced short term weight loss results but it was really difficult to find one that I can continue for long term without too much effort.

Then one day I received an email about intermittent fasting ebook and thought it was one of those new weight loss programs. But I researched about it online anyway as I was running out of things to try and it made sense. There are a lot of scientific studies supporting the idea of intermittent fasting helps you lose weight. It looked easy enough to do so I gave it a go.

Amazing thing is it WORKED. It was EASY. It is probably the easiest weight loss program I’ve ever tried. I don’t have to count calories. I don’t have to think about what I can and can’t eat. I just do 24 hr fast once or twice a week. It’s actually not really 24 hr fast as I eat dinner everyday. Only change I made on those fasting days was that I skip lunch as I don’t eat breakfast anyway. During the first two months, I was losing about 2 lbs per week. Now I am just maintaining the weight.

I am not a constant eater. I don’t eat sweets a lot. I don’t usually eat breakfast. If you are like me, this will be the perfect weight loss solution. If you are not like me, I’m sure you’ll benefit from it and adjust it to work for you because it’s very flexible.

Also, I can’t forget to mention that after about two weeks, I noticed the pores on my nose got smaller. This definitely has the anti-aging effect too.

Find Out Why Intermittent Fasting Works!


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